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I am buying an Xmas Present early and may need to exchange or refund after Xmas?

Easy Xmas Shopping at Stuarts London without having to worry about returns outside the usual 28 days

Here's How it Works :

We are aware at this time of the year many purchases will be made as gifts for Xmas. If you want an exchange or credit-note (e-wallet) after Xmas Day we are allowing returns to be made up until 6th January 2020 in case your purchase falls outside the usual 28 days returns period.

Why Shop Early ? 

Last year we found that many customers were holding back until they made a purchase that fell into the 28 day period. This left a quite a few people disappointed as the best styles and sizes sold out while they were waiting. Also during the festive season we stop all replenishment of sizes and stock, so when we are sold out of anything that will be it, we will not be getting any more unless it's one of non-seasonal products that we sell all year around. 

Please Note if you are an International customer it takes that little bit longer to get parcels over during peak seasons. We will try and keep to quoted times, however we are reliant on the courier to also keep to the quoted timing. From past experience delays during Christmas do occur simply due to the mad rush which is increasing year on year. 


I May Need a Refund after Xmas ?

Please note if you require a refund on a purchase after Xmas all usual terms and conditions apply and must comply with our normal terms. The above extension is for only those customers wishing to make an exchange or returning for a credit note after Xmas. All Refunds will need to be within the usual 28 day period of purchase to be approved.