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Levi's Vintage ® Levi's Vintage 1944 501 Shrink to Fit Denim Jeans 44501-0068

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  • £180.00
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  • The Levi’s® Vintage Clothing 1944 501® Jeans reflect the brand’s enduring identity and dedication to quality, as well as its evolution with history
  • World War II had a drastic impact on supplies and the production of consumer goods, so Levi Strauss & Co.® had to abide by a new set of rules
  • To conserve raw materials for the war effort, the United States Government ordered clothing manufacturers to remove certain amounts of metal, fabric and thread from their garments
  • Since the availability and delivery of supplies was hit-or-miss, Levi Strauss & Co.® often had to use whatever was on hand
  • Off came the cinch, its two rivets, and the watch pocket rivets – this cut down on both fabric and metal
  • During the war years, buttons also became standard issue
  • Some featured a laurel leaf design, and others were branded
  • Jeans were often produced with a laurel leaf waistband button and plain fly buttons
  • One rationing rule in particular was a little harder to bear: the order to remove the classic Levi’s® arcuate stitch design from the back pockets, as it was considered decorative and didn’t have a function
  • However, Levi Strauss & Co.® believed it did: the arcuate was a prime identifier of the classic 501®. Rather than lose this important design, Levi Strauss & Co.® worked out a system to print it on every pair of 501® Jeans
  • The paint eventually washed off, but having that double-arch design visible when buying the jeans was the important thing. This garment is made with selvedge denim from Cone Mills – a Levi’s® partner for over 100 years
  • Design Details:
  • 12oz Cone Mills Red selvedge denim
  • Two back pockets with concealed rivets
  • Big "E" single sided Red Tab
  • "Two Horse" leather patch
  • Painted arcuate
  • Pocket bag material varied during wartime
  • Unbranded rivets
  • "Laurel Leaf" unbranded buttons
  • Standard fit


  • 100% Cotton | Red Selvedge