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From the world’s heaviest jeans to scratch and sniff denim, Naked & Famous is a Canadian Denim Brand known for creating raw denim products. Founded in 2008 by Brandon Svarc, a Canadian whose family has been in the fashion industry for over 65 years.


After working in fashion PR, Brandon decided to create his own fashion brand, using his knowledge of garment making he began his adventure in raw denim.

Naked & Famous stand against brands that sell jeans for a high price only because they are endorsed by celebrities and not for their high quality. Instead of spending large amounts of money on expensive marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements, Naked & Famous devotes almost all of its assets to sourcing and creating new denim fabrics. Svarc didn’t want the Naked & Famous products to be known for who was wearing them, but rather how they felt and looked. Every Naked & Famous product is crafted in Canada from raw, un-distressed Japanese denim.

What are Naked & Famous Denim known for?


Naked & Famous is known for their drive to create extraordinary jeans using high-quality fabrics, while still being decently priced. Throughout the years Naked & Famous have released a range of unordinary jeans including their ‘Glow in the Dark’ denim, the ‘Scratch and Sniff Mint’ Denim the ‘Rainbow Core’ fabric, and not forgetting their most famous fabric - the Super Heavyweight 32 oz. Denim, which is the heaviest denim in the world. 


What's the process of creating a new idea?


Naked & Famous start to develop their ideas about a year and a half to 2 years in advance of bringing out a new product. This process means visiting Japan at least once per season to discuss the ideas with the mills in Okayama, where they will craft a sample fabric. With the sample fabric, Naked & Famous will create jeans from this sample and take them to worldwide trade shows and book orders with their retailers. Next, they order the fabric in bulk to be shipped to Canada, once it has arrived, the denim is cut and sewn into jeans and shipped to shops all over the world.

Where does Naked & Famous inspiration and ideas come from?


Naked & Famous get their inspiration by letting their imagination go wild, which gave them the ideas of the ‘Glow in the dark’ jeans and the ‘Scratch n Sniff’ jeans. They also get their ideas from things they like and enjoy, such as Japanese or Canadian culture or the Rick & Morty and the Batman collections.

Today, Naked & Famous now produce a range of non denim products such as button-ups, knits, sweat and accessories like leather belts. All Naked & Famous products are proudly made in Canada.